BUG Jams

BUG jams are informal and lots of fun for BUG players and residents alike. All skill levels are welcome, and it’s totally free. If you don’t have a uke, come anyway! We always need singers and usually have a spare uke or two on hand that you can borrow. Come on by–we’d love to have you!


Monthly Jam Schedule

1st FridayMemory Care2:45 pm check-in
3:00 – 4:00 pm Jam
3rd FridayMemory Care2:45 pm check-in
3:00 – 4:00 pm Jam
Elkhorn Assisted Living  6:30 pm
Chapel in Main Lodge 6:30 pm

Touchmark at Meadowlake Village

Touchmark at Meadowlake Village is a large retirement complex. We play at the Memory Care facility, Elkhorn Assisted Living, and in the chapel in the Main Lodge.

The Main Lodge is on the north side of the complex. It’s easy to spot if you come in on the main road and watch for the tall clock tower. The chapel is on the second floor of this building. Ask for directions at the reception desk.

Elkhorn Assisted Living is a one story building on the SE side of the campus, next to the Fitness Club. Follow Arbor Circle around until you come to it.

The Memory Care facility is a one story building on the west side of campus, on Arbor Circle. This facility is locked, so wait by the door until other folks with ukuleles arrive. The Memory Care staff will let us in.

General directions to the Touchmark complex are here:

4037 E Clocktower Lane, Meridian, ID 83642